The potential addition of lighting on various local paths is being discussed in Trumpington Residents Association.

What do you think of lighting the path/cycleway which runs from Shelford Road to the busway? It would be good to form a collective view.

The route follows the boundary of our veg plots including the fence/hedge & the unfenced plots. It continues between our chicken area and the community orchard & the hazel platt.

Would lighting be appropriate along this whole route?

If not, where specifically would lighting be appropriate? Which parts should not be lit? Why?

What type of lighting would be appropriate at these locations?

Should any lighting operate throughout the hours of darkness? If not, when should lights be on?

View the route at . Edit the map if you want and comment below

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  1. Hello. My immediate reaction to this proposal is that it would be a shame to increase light pollution unnecessarily. Widlife, including insects and bats, need dark areas in order to thrive and there aren’t too many dark areas left in Trumpington any more. As I do not have a car it is one of the only places where I can enjoy an evening walk walk under the stars before bedtime. Of course I realise that my romantic outlook is of little consequence to those who feel unsafe walking along the path after dark (women in particular), but I hope that any plans will take account of the importance of darkness as well as lighting in our cities.

  2. Discussion at the TRA meeting followed similar lines. Many locals don’t want this area lit, and there are alternative routes which are well-lit. Given the lack of funding I think it’s unlikely that this cycleway will be lit in the foreseeable future.

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