Our fenced chicken area is divided into 11 allotment plots of various sizes.

Egg production is the main activity here although some plots have fruit trees and vegetable patches as well.

Each plot is let to an individual (the plotholder or tenant) who is responsible for using it properly. In practice most chicken plots are run by groups who share the daily tasks essential for the birds’ welfare.

Chicken plots are subject to the same rules as the outside vegetable plots.

A water trough (dip tank) is positioned in the chicken area, supplied via from the mains. Tenants pay a charge for water along with their plot rent.

Paul locked up for the night in the coop
Disobedient plotholders are locked in the coop overnight

We usually have a waiting list.

To apply, complete this form and tick the Chicken plot option. 
Note that you must sign this Tenancy Agreement (effective 2023-10-01) before taking a chicken plot, and the Chicken Plot Rules will also apply.