We have 134 allotment plots of various sizes.

Each plot is let to an individual (the plotholder or tenant) who is responsible for using it properly. New tenants are allocated a quarter plot which is nominally about 60m2 including paths. This is a quarter of the size of a traditional ten-pole allotment. The annual cost is £13.50 per year or part-year including membership fee and water charge.

Most plots require a gate key for which there is a £10 deposit. This is refundable when you return the key.

Our soil is a light sandy loam that is easy to cultivate. Underneath is gravel. Therefore our soil drains quickly and is often very dry. For successful cultivation of annual vegetables, you need to add moisture-retentive matter such as compost, manure, leaf mould or soil conditioner.

Eight water troughs (dip tanks) are positioned around the site. Most of these are supplied from the mains but our newest dip tank supplies rainwater collected from the roof of the Trading Hut and stored in a 6,250L “superbutt”. Tenants pay a charge for water along with their plot rent.

80% of our plots are enclosed by a fence/hedge and are accessed via 4 gates positioned along the cycleway.

Tenants may plant fruit trees, but only on dwarfing rootstock.

Tenants may erect a shed subject to size restrictions. Some tenants share sheds. Rainwater collection from shed roofs is strongly encouraged. Tenants must keep sheds in good repair.

We usually have a waiting list (138 people on 2023-09-06).

Plotholders who use their plot fully and want more land may join a secondary waiting list for existing tenants. They are allocated a suitable extra plot when available. 

To apply*, complete this form and tick the Outside veg plot option. 
Note that you must sign this Tenancy Agreement (effective 2023-10-01) before taking a plot here.

*Residents of Clay Farm, Glebe Farm, Ninewells and Trumpington Meadows can also apply to Cambridge City Council for a plot at the new allotment sites.