Over the past years we have seen several long dry periods and in the spring when water is needed for newly planted seeds etc. we have often had to resort to carrying water long distances from the troughs dotted around the site.

This water has, using a lot of energy, been treated to make it safe to drink, treatment that is not at all necessary for our flowers and veggies! We should do all we can to reduce the amount of this water we use.

Perhaps the thing that makes most difference is mulching and increasing the amount of organic matter in our soil so that it can hold more water. Personally I use a lot of grass clippings and comfrey for this, particularly on my potatoes. I also use wood chip, initially on paths and then when it rots down a bit I transfer this to my beds before replacing it.

Those of you reading this who have plots in the fenced area and others who have been to the trading hut recently will see that we have also added some extra water storage next to the hut. A 6,000 Litre superbutt! This was installed earlier this year and is now over 1/3 full. It will shortly be connected up to a trough for those with plots in the area to collect water from it. If you have a shed on your plot do think about getting water butt. Also essential if we get very dry weather for blueberries as the hard water in this area contains chalk and they like an acid soil.

Finally, many thanks to those who helped on the day and Ceri for taking the pictures.

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Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson ()

As am a committee member, apiary manager. I keep bees on the site and collect swarms in late spring/early summer, make skin balm using wax & aolive oil cambridgearomatherapy.com

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  1. Great post, Dave,
    May I copy and paste the first bit to the new allotment site WhatsApp group? I would post it as from you, an experienced plotholder.

    I’d love a superbutt if we could get permission to keep the storage container on our site and create a sloping roof for it.

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