Our community polytunnel houses 20 mini-plots where you can grow exotic crops and winter salads. You can extend your growing season and raise your own seedlings in late winter ready for planting outside when spring comes.

Each mini-plot of almost 8m2 is let to an individual (the plotholder or tenant) who is responsible for using it properly. The annual cost is £29/year including membership fee and water charge.

You will also need a gate key for which there is a £10 deposit. This is refundable when you return the key.

We grow in containers such as large pots, old recycling boxes and even upcycled wine crates.

A water trough (dip tank) which is supplied from the mains is positioned near the door. Frequent watering is essential during sunny weather. Tenants pay a charge for water along with their plot rent.

During the warmer months we open the doors in the morning for ventilation and close them in the evening to keep our plants warm overnight. Every plotholder must play their part in the door rota.

The polytunnel in mid-June

There is a waiting list (21 people as of 26/02/2023).

To apply, complete this form and tick the Polytunnel plot option.
Note that you must sign this Tenancy Agreement (effective 2023-10-01) before taking a polytunnel plot, and the Polytunnel Rules will also apply.