This post should get emailed automatically to subscribers by Sendinblue. We only have a few test subscribers ATM. You might also receive this as an admin of the website.

NB previously I was under the misapprehension that registered users on our website would receive blog posts by email. That’s wrong. People must subscribe to the blog explicitly, somehow. I have now added a mechanism for that, using SendinBlue as our mail sender. This is a free service (for up to 300 emails/day).

Registered users (a list of profiles hosted at our website) can edit the website (according to their user type) including adding comments to blog posts. They register by

Blog subscribers (a different list, of email addresses, hosted by SendinBlue) receive blog posts by email, automatically. They subscribe via Subscribe button on the website sidebar.

When this is all working nicely I will invite currently registered users to subscribe to the blog.

We still need a picture…

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