Our allotment site is surrounded by our immediate neighbours on Foster Road, Shelford Road and the new Clay Farm development. A busy footpath/cycleway runs from Shelford Road along the north side of the vegetable plots, past the chicken plots and towards Cambridge and Addenbrooke’s hospital via the busway. The busway runs in the old railway cutting along the east side of our site.

We aim to be good neighbours:

  • Bonfires are restricted to after 3pm in summer, and after 2pm in winter. They should burn with a minimum of smoke and must not cause a nuisance.
  • Our hedge along the footpath/cycleway inevitably grows wider during the summer and could obstruct the right of way. Therefore we cut it twice a year, usually in February and September. We try to schedule this on Sunday mornings when traffic is at a minimum.
  • We pick up litter from the cycleway, please do this too. A litter-picking kit is available from Clay Farm Centre.
  • We hold plant swap events every May and June and all neighbours are warmly welcomed to come along.
  • We run Trumpington Seedy Sunday, a community seed swap event, at the Village Hall in late January or early February.
  • Last but not least, these allotments are here for the use of any neighbour who wants to grow their own food. 

Looking slightly further afield, we are lucky to be located within a rich local network of community growing spaces including other allotments and community gardens.