Grow Your Own Sessions suspended

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: We did one lovely GYO session on March 15th 2020, respecting social distancing, but due to the lockdown I then suspended sessions. For what it’s worth, in general I think that allotments are relatively safe for a small group respecting distancing, wearing masks and aware of shared surfaces such as tool handles. But regulations disallow gatherings so we cannot resume.

For 9 years I ran ‘Grow Your Own’ sessions on my plot. I really hope we can resume for another season later in 2021.

A Grow Your Own session with 6 attendees in 2018
A GYO session in 2018

The sessions are ideal for novices but equally if you want to come and tell us what to do, that’s great too. Get stuck in as we sow, nurture, harvest and eat. And frankly I want your practical help because illness is slowing him down these days.

Please read this information page and let me know if you want to come.

Please bring bags to take produce home.

Trumpington Pavilion 10th Anniversary

Come celebrate with the Trumpington Residents’ Association (TRA) the 10th anniversary of Trumpington Pavilion. There’ll be stalls, and family, crafts and sports activities.

12.00-16.00 on Saturday 21 September.

We’ll have a stall – we’d like your help. Please give spare vegetables, fruit, jams, chutneys etc, and small plants. Leave your donations at the plots, by the Trading Hut, by 11.30 Saturday morning (or you can bring directly to the Pavilion event).

We’d like volunteers to help us set up and run the stall. If you would like to help please email us:

At your convenience…

This is Whitehill Allotment Society’s loo. It cost about £3000 and they obtained several sources of funding to raise that.

We are invited to visit on a Saturday afternoon in January for a look round and a pee. Who wants to come?

The composting toilet at Elfleda Road allotments

Our funky Trumpington pumpkin

We have Janet to thank for designing the society’s new logo which appears in the header above.

An immature yellow pumpkin with green stalk attached and matching green-rimmed sunglasses
The pumpkin together with official confirmation of its funkiness

The design is officially a funky Trumpington pumpkin because it was inspired by the winning entry in the “Funky Vegetable” class at this year’s Cambridge Produce Show, which was grown at Foster Road allotments.

Communal compost heaps – rules of use

Dear all,
The communal compost heaps are for all to use, but rules must be followed:

  1. No plastics or polystyrene. The compost heaps are not trash areas for your plastic and seed trays and bags. These items do not compost. Please recycle/dispose of at home, as appropriate.
  2. No potato and tomato material. Please put this in your green bin at home. This is to avoid the spread of late blight on our site.
  3. Polytunnel users: please do not put your spent compost on the heaps. Spread it around your outside plot instead.

Currently the only heap in use is the righthand one south of the polytunnel. Please don’t use the lefthand or middle ones.
If you have any questions about composting don’t hesitate to ask,